To Our Customers

We provide more than just a product, we back that up with service and a commitment of complete satisfaction. We consistently go the extra mile in our design, customizing to your needs, putting that idea down on paper in drawings, 3D models, renderings and of course the final product. We are skilled craftsman who take pride in our work and it shows with our customers who have come to know and expect the best possible solution for their needs and keep returning year after year. You as a client are always welcomed and encouraged to experience this, to come visit our site to look at what we are building and progress of your job.



It is always in the details. A number of companies will take the attitude that you are getting what you asked for, although that is not wrong, sometimes the customer needs a helping hand in the design process or the material selection. Our experience tells us where you might want an extra grommet or two or make sure you have easy access to cabling, maybe help choosing veneer, laminate, or composite materials that make more sense.


We provide the best quality materials available at the time to put into your project. This not only means trying to keep costs at the minimum while never sacrificing strength or lifespan, we still have satisfied customers with our products that are over 20 years old. We offer a verity of structural material, surface materials and finishing anything between sheets goods to metal to solid hardwood construction. We are also always happy to supply our customers with special products such as fire retardant, fire proof or LEEDS materials.


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It is a misconception that having something custom made will cost an arm and a leg, while our products can not be found in a catalog does not mean you can not afford it. Quite honestly our products can compare in price with off the shelf components from major manufactures of technical type furniture, and if that is what you decide to use we also make custom additions to catalog furniture as well. Where we stand out is in overall value, you get everything you want the way you want it. We can tailor every aspect of your project, fitment and location of equipment, the size of the room even with odd angles or obstructions, ergonomics, special needs like custom monitor mounts, mobility even with large consoles.

It all starts with you. What do you want, and we go from there. Whether you supply space requirements or we go to your site and take measurements ourselves, that is the first step, then submit drawings with the proposed design for your evaluation. If you want us to go further we can supply you with simple isometrics to fully rendered 3D models.

Best laid plans do not always work out like you thought. Sometimes the monitor you planned on using is no longer available, or the interface device specs in the literature was outdated, these things happen although it may create a headache it is not a problem, we are always ready to make changes, even after the product is in your space, we can modify it and get you back in business.


We build a relationship with our customers. What worth is a great product with out any service. The agencies, companies, organizations and people we build for have come to expect this and we are there for them whether it is an extra grommet hole, repair damage, or supply them with a whole new work surface for updated equipment, if we cant modify it we will build a complete new part or addition.